Friday, April 29, 2011

Man Lived With Dead Woman for a Week

Santa Cruz, California - A California man was found living with the badly decomposed body of a woman after neighbors called to complain of an unusual smell coming from inside the man’s studio apartment. Santa Cruz police officers found the 30-year-old woman’s body after entering the apartment. Investigators haven’t been able to establish how the woman died because of the deteriorated state of her body. Investigators also haven’t determined how long the woman had been dead, but Santa Cruz deputy police Chief Steve Clark said he was comfortable saying it had been at least a week. The apartment’s resident, 63-year-old John Clauer, was in custody on a no-bail parole hold based on a prior drug conviction.  More  

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Extreme dieting spreads, eating parasites

Hong Kong - This glamorous Asian city is known for its mouth-watering dim sum. Its high fashion. And its 100-pound-and-under women. In Asia, women want to stay skinny without exercising because muscles aren’t considered a feminine feature, says Sing Lee, director of the Hong Kong Eating Disorders Center at Chinese University.  The newest dieting fad in Hong Kong? Swallowing parasites. This radical form of weight loss has become popular enough that the Hong Kong Health Department issued a warning in February that these worms - which are sold on Chinese websites - can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and even death.  More

Convicted rapist evaluated for heart transplant

New York - An Auburn man who is serving an 18-to-40-year state prison sentence for raping and sodomizing a 13-year-old female relative in 1996 is being evaluated for a possible heart transplant. Mercy Flight flew Kenneth Pike, 55, from Coxsackie Correctional Facility to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester last week, where 49 patients are awaiting heart transplants. If doctors approve the procedure for Pike, he would be the first inmate in New York State to receive a heart transplant. It would cost taxpayers around $800,000, according to a report by the ABC television station in Rochester. “He’s doing his time, but he’s still a human being. He still has rights,” Pikes’ sister Sharon Cardinal said in an interview. “He should be treated as much as any other person. And these people complaining about the taxpayers’ cost — well, we are taxpayers, too. We’re paying for it.”  More  

6-foot Alligator Comes in Doggie Door

Palmetto, Florida -  A Florida homeowner received quite a shock when she returned home to find a 6-foot alligator in one of her bedrooms. “I look to the right, and there’s an alligator in my guest bedroom,” homeowner Alexis Dunbar said. The alligator is believed to have entered the house after crawling from a pond in the property’s back yard, entering through the house’s doggie door. The gator left a trail of blood that led Dunbar to believe her cats had been devoured.  More

Monday, April 25, 2011

N.Y. man arrested for throwing dog

NEW YORK, April 24 (UPI) -- A Long Island, N.Y., man wounded a puppy by throwing it up in the air and out into the street after a spat with the dog's owner, police say.N.Y. man arrested for throwing dog

Burglars steal hair from Chicago business

CHICAGO (AP) -- Chicago police have a real head-scratching case on their hands as they try to root out who stole human hair from a beauty-supply ...Burglars steal hair from Chicago business

Man held for killing woman, having sex with corpse

Shanghai Daily quoted prosecutors as saying. Zhang fled Shanghai and was arrested from his hometown in Shandong March 30. He was sent back to this city to face criminal proceedings. He told the ...Man held for killing woman, having sex with corpse

House next to fire station burns down

Orange County, Florida - When Jimmy McMillan woke up at around 3 in the morning, he noticed flames coming from the house next to him. “The fire was over the house in the trees and I seen it come over here,” he said. “They came and knocked on my door and told me to evacuate because of the fire next door. So we got out as quick as we could.” Firefighters were headed to a medical call when they saw that a house adjacent to the station was engulfed in flames. They dispatched crews right away. But neighbors are wondering why firefighters didn’t notice the fire sooner.  More

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday crucifixions

The Philippines - A handful of people are traditionally nailed to crosses while hundreds more have their backs whipped until they bleed in Asia’s major Catholic outpost, to remember the day when Christians believe Jesus Christ died 2,000 years ago. In the small farming town of Cutud, a couple of hours’ drive north of Manila, thousands of tourists gathered to watch what has over the years become the biggest and bloodiest Good Friday spectacle. Fourteen people were nailed to crosses and hundreds were whipped as they walked through the town, their blood splattering onto the ground and walls of buildings.  More

Cops search home, man tries to swallow flash drive

 Pennsylvania - As cops searched his home as part of a corruption of children probe, a Pennsylvania man attempted to swallow a flash drive that he had dropped into a pitcher of water. While police executed a search warrant at his home, Harold Moser, 46, told officers that he was really thirsty and asked for permission to get something to drink. Accompanied by a cop, Moser went into the kitchen and retrieved an orange pitcher, which he then began to fill with water. At one point, an officer looked over Moser’s shoulder and noticed something in the bottom of the pitcher. That is when Moser reached into the pitcher and tried to swallow the black and purple item. More  

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Criminals Your head will be blown off

Hudson, Texas - A 71-year-old East Texas woman doesn’t mince words with a sign posted outside her house warning criminals to stay away. It says: “TRY TO BREAK INTO THIS HOUSE AGAIN, YOUR HEAD WILL BE BLOWN OFF!” An image of a gun is also on the sign. Claudia Holland was unharmed earlier this month when someone kicked in her front door. She thinks her barking dogs scared off the late-night intruder.  More  

Husband and wife killed by huge swarm of bees

Texas - A swarm of bees attacked an elderly couple at their South Texas ranch, killing both and injuring their son. William T. Steele, 90, was spraying insecticide on a bees’ nest when the bees attacked him, his 92-year-old wife, Myrtle Steele, and their son Richard Steele, according to Jim Hogg County sheriff’s deputies. Richard Steele’s wife, Judy Steele, told the Valley Morning Star of Harlingen that her father-in-law was pronounced dead at the scene and his wife had been stung over 300 times. William T. Steele was spraying to kill bees that had built a hive in his fireplace when and they attacked him. She said her mother-in-law was airlifted to Corpus Christi hospital, about 100 miles away, where she died.  More

Job center gives superhero capes to unemployed

Orlando, Florida - Florida officials are investigating an unemployment agency that spent public money to give 6,000 superhero capes to the jobless. Workforce Central Florida spent more than $14,000 on the red capes as part of its “Cape-A-Bility Challenge” public relations campaign. The campaign featured a cartoon character, “Dr. Evil Unemployment,” who needs to be vanquished. Florida’s unemployment agency director asked for an investigation of the regional operation’s spending. State director Cynthia Lorenzo said the spending appeared to be “insensitive and wasteful.”  More

Monday, April 18, 2011

Murder kept a secret for 42 years

Odd News-Lowell, Massachusetts - The gruesome death in 1969 of 15-year-old John McCabe in a smallMassachusetts town was for many years presumed to be linked to an unknown criminal gang, perhaps one involved in drugs. The teenager had been found strangled, with his hands and throat bound with rope and his eyes and mouth taped shut. His body had been abandoned in a vacant lot in the poor town of Lowell, setting for the recent hit film The Fighter. It was a gruesome crime and one that remained unsolved for more than four decades. Until police made three arrests. What they revealed has caught the imagination of America. Instead of being a random crime, police now believe McCabe was murdered by three of his fellow teenagers, who kept their grim secret between themselves for 42 years.  More 

Struggling mining town rejects nude dancing (Reuters)

Reuters - Voters in the town of Lead, South Dakota, rejected a proposal on Tuesday that would have allowed nude dancing at bars in its historic downtown, a move supporters had said would give an economic boost to the struggling mining town.Struggling mining town rejects nude dancing (Reuters)

GE target of hoax saying it will return tax refund (Reuters)

Reuters - General Electric Co, embroiled in controversy over its low 2010 U.S. tax bill, was the target of a bogus press release claiming that it would donate billions of dollars to the federal government.GE target of hoax saying it will return tax refund (Reuters)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Two Children Locked In Caged Room

Odd News-Vancouver, Washington - A couple is facing criminal mistreatment charges after police say they locked two children, ages 5 and 7, in a caged room. According to investigators, the responding patrol officers discovered two of the children were locked in a bedroom that had the door removed and replaced with a cage-like door, restricting access to the rest of the apartment. Alayna Higdon said that she kept them locked up “because they are autistic, it’s the only way to contain them.” When officers talked to John Eckhart and asked why the children were in a cage, they say he responded, “What am I supposed to do, let them run around the house and get into everything? What kind of ******* parenting is that?’”  More 

Rabbi Arrested For In-Flight Groping

An Israeli rabbi flying to New York from Tel Aviv allegedly twice fondled a female passenger as she slept, and when the woman angrily confronted him, he claimed, “It’s a mistake, I’m asleep,” according to federal court records. About 90 minutes into the 12-hour flight, Bidany allegedly reached over to the sleeping woman seated next to him and “placed his hand under her blanket, on her groin, and was groping her genital area.” When the victim, identified only as “Jane Doe” in the complaint, “jumped back,” Bidany “quickly removed his hand from her groin.”  More

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drug store thief comes after pills, gets beans

Mississippi - A pharmacist in southeastern Mississippi says some drug store burglar got a surprise when they broke into his business to steal the pain medication Lortab - the pills had been replaced with beans. Pharmacist Mac Clark works at Fred’s Drug Store in Pascagoula and told WLOX TV the store has broken into several times in the past six months, and each time the burglars got Lortab. He decided he needed a decoy. He put kidney beans in a large Lortab bottle. The burglars came back. The only thing stolen was the Lortab bottle filled with beans.  More 

Teen uses girl’s nude photo as threat, wants sax

 Illlinois - A Portage High School student is facing a charge of possessing child pornography after a fellow student accused him of threatening to post a nude picture of her if she didn’t give him her saxophone. The incident came to light when the girl, a freshman, told Principal Caren Swickard about the threat. The boy in question told police that his saxophone broke and the band director told him that because the girl didn’t use hers, to have her give him her saxophone. When she wouldn’t, the boy said, he didn’t threaten to post her picture but reminded her he did have it. More 

Man was drinking brandy with pants down

Niles, Illinois - A Park Ridge man was arrested after police reportedly found him drinking alcohol with his pants down in a restroom at the Golf Mill Shopping Center in north suburban Niles. Eric Wojciechowski was charged with disorderly conduct after police reportedly saw him standing in a restroom with his pants down, drinking a bottle of brandy. As officers attempted to get information from Wojciechowski, his pants fell down three more times.  More  

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Officer Pepper Sprays Baby Squirrel

Odd News-Mesquite, Texas - A YouTube video of a police officer using pepper spray on a baby squirrel has sparked outrage in the city of Mesquite, Tx. A student recorded the incident.  In the video, the officer is seen spraying the animal after it began chasing students around at Kimbrough Middle School. Students are heard begging the cop, reffered to as Officer Davis on the video, to stop with cries of “No!” and “Don’t spray him!” Animal control officers took the squirrel back to the shelter after the incident. It was cared for and released back into the wild, Talley said.  More…

Student yawned so hard she couldn’t close her mouth

Odd News-UK - A student was taken to hospital after she yawned so hard during a lecture that her mouth got stuck wide open. Holly Thomson,17, from Kingsthorpe, Northampton, was in a Government and Politics lecture at Northampton School for Girls when she expressed her level of interest by yawning widely.However, to her horror she opened her mouth so wide she dislocated her jaw, and was unable to close it again. She attracted the attention of a friend who tried in vain to close her mouth before the teacher noticed, but only caused more pain. More…

Man hits pregnant sister at her wedding

Montana - A Three Forks man accused of hitting his pregnant sister in the mouth with a wrench during her wedding reception has pleaded no contest to criminal endangerment. David Sicotte, who appeared in District Court was initially charged with assault with a weapon but agreed to plead no contest to the lesser charge in exchange for a deferred sentence. Sicotte arrived at the reception uninvited, pushed his sister’s new mother-in-law to the ground and started fighting with the groom. Witnesses say he later came at his sister with the wrench. More… 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sailor Crosses Atlantic on Raft

Philipsburg, St. Maarten - An 85-year-old British sailor who dreamed of crossing the Atlantic on a raft as a young boy completed the journey with three friends. The crossing to this Caribbean island, led by Anthony Smith of London, took about two months and was generally smooth except for damage to two rudders on the large, sail-powered raft. “Some people say it was mad,” he told The Associated Press when he arrived in St. Maarten. “But it wasn’t mad. What else do you do when you get on in years?”  More…

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Odd Daily News| Live human heart grown in lab

Scientists are growing human hearts in laboratories, offering hope for millions of cardiac patients. American researchers believe the artificial organs could start beating within weeks. The experiment is a major step towards the first ‘grow-your-own’ heart, and could pave the way for  livers, lungs or kidneys to be made  to order. The organs were created by removing muscle cells from donor organs to leave behind tough hearts of connective tissue. Researchers then injected stem cells which multiplied and grew around the structure, eventually turning into healthy heart cells.  More…

Modified cows produce ‘human’ milk

 The scientists have successfully introduced human genes into 300 dairy cows to produce milk with the same properties as human breast milk. Human milk contains high quantities of key nutrients that can help to boost the immune system of babies and reduce the risk of infections. The scientists behind the research believe milk from herds of genetically modified cows could provide an alternative to human breast milk and formula milk for babies, which is often criticised as being an inferior substitute. They hope genetically modified dairy products from herds of similar cows could be sold in supermarkets. The research has the backing of a major biotechnology company.  More…

Monday, April 4, 2011

Good Samaritan to pay for stolen cookies

St. paul, Minnesota - A Minnesota Realtor has committed a random act of kindness — he decided to pay for nearly $1,000 worth of stolen Girl Scout cookies. Keith Keeley, owner of the real estate company Keeley Properties in Stillwater, read about the theft of 252 boxes of cookies and $90 in cash from the same Girl Scout troop his granddaughter once belonged to. “I felt so sorry, reading about it. It touched my heart,” Keeley said. “It ruined those kids’ dreams.”  More…  

Man escapes prison twice, wife sends fax

Spain - To break out of a modern prison is one thing, but to do it twice is quite something. That’s exactly what 57-year-old Jose Carlos Serna did, and each time he escaped from custody by the same method. His wife sent a fax to court officials, ordering that they release him, and they did what she commanded each time. He was in a cell at Arganda del Rey courthouse awaiting trial when officers received a fax purportedly from a regional court. It was followed by a phone call from someone claiming to be a court official, corroborating the release order. Officers did try to verify the order, but their calls went unanswered. When they received a second call, confirming Serena’s release, he was freed and put into a waiting taxi. Both of the calls were from his wife, Gema Maria Serna, who police tracked down to a house in the northern suburb of San Lorenzo del Escorial.  More…

No dogs allowed except one chihuahua

Deerfield Beach, Florida - Officials in a Florida county have agreed to sue a condo association on behalf of a woman prescribed a dog as an “emotional service animal.” Phyllis Schleifer said she obtained her chihuahua, Sweetie, in 2008 on the advice of doctors but the Ventnor “H” Condo Association has been fighting her to get rid of the pet in the no-dogs-allowed complex. Schleifer was diagnosed with severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder related to a car accident she was involved in and the death of her husband of 42 years in 2005.  More…

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thousands of bats invade historic home

Tifton, Georgia - There’s a house in Tifton’s historic district that is infested with bats, more than a thousand of them. People who live near the house says it’s disgusting and that the smell takes your breath away. Code enforcement officers have now deemed the house unfit for human habitation. Once code enforcement went inside the home they found an overload of bats. Some were chirping from the attic, others chirping from the walls and some were even dead on the floor. It was so bad, a section of the ceiling was sagging with bat droppings leaking to the floor. For more than 3 decades Annie Sumner’s lived just feet away from some very pesky neighbors,”You can’t imagine how it is to live next door to bats,” she said.  More…

CEO of GoDaddy Bob Parsons Kills Elephants!

This is an outrage, GoDaddy just lost my business....Pass this story on....

The CEO of GoDaddy is under fire for video footage that shows him killing an elephant in Zimbabwe, but Bob Parsons says the hunts are necessary to help feed local villagers and prevent the animals from destroying crops.Footage of Parsons’s elephant hunt circulated on the Web, drawing fire from animal rights groups like People for the Ethnical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and“PETA is closing its account withGo Daddy and urges everyone to follow suit,” the group said in a note on its Web site, which also encouraged others to write to Parsons and express their disappointment.  More…

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bronx cobra recaptured in reptile house

NEW YORK, March 31 (UPI) -- The Bronx Zoo's fugitive Egyptian cobra turned up Thursday exactly where officials with the New York zoo predicted, in a dark corner of the reptile house.Bronx cobra recaptured in reptile house

Man smears feces on door and sets it on fire

Staten Island, New York - A man angry at his pregnant ex-girlfriend smeared excrement on her apartment door and set it on fire. Neither the six-months pregnant girlfriend, her two small children with another man, or a fourth person inside the apartment were injured. The suspect, Rasheen Harrison, 24, was arrested at the scene. But he wasn’t done yet. Harrison relieved himself inside a cell at the 120th Precinct stationhouse and decorated the walls there with his excrement, forcing police to take him to Bellevue Hospital for a psychiatric observation.  More… 

Dog pack killed man

New Mexico - Bites from a relentless pack of dogs killed a 55-year-old man with a history of seizures who was found lying unconscious along the side of a road while the animals mauled him, a medical examiner’s report said. McKinley County deputies had to chase the dogs away so emergency medical technicians could help Larry Armstrong,who was found lying on the ground in the small community of Sundance, on Navajo Nation land near Gallup. “The dogs tried to come back, so we had to use pepper spray to keep them away while the EMTs attended to the victim,” sheriff’s Lt. Tom Mumford said. Armstrong later was pronounced dead at a hospital.  More…