Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Former Manson family murderer wants out of prison

California - A former ?Manson family? member who stabbed actress Sharon Tate to death more than 40 years ago and is now terminally ill faces her 13th parole hearing. Susan Atkins, 61, has terminal brain cancer. By her own admission, Atkins held Sharon Tate down as she pleaded for mercy, and stabbed the actress, who was eight months pregnant, 16 times. In a 1993 parole board hearing, Atkins said Tate ?asked me to let her baby live. I told her I didn?t have any mercy on her...More


  1. I don't care how sick she is if the pansy a..es didn't overturn the death penalty in the 70's she would be dead. She has no right to sympathy that she didn't give to those she killed. Let her die her miserable death behind bars.

  2. I do not think that we should feel as much compassion as she felt for her victims. An eye for an eye makes the world blind and I prefer not to see her in her real light.

    She deserves to be lockeup and she deserves to rot where she belongs which means with the "rats".

  3. She does not have the right to get out of jail never! She need to die in there. Look she Killed Tate! SO who care if she wants out of jail because she is dying? I know I sure do not care and if any judge lets her out of jail then he needs to be put in jail as well. Any judge that would even think of letting her out of jail has to be nutzzzzzzzzzz. ANd I bet if it was his family he would not be for her getting out of jail .So We can all hope that justice will still be served in this case and that she stays in jail to rot!