Monday, March 7, 2011

Flight attendant puts toddler in overhead locker

Natalie Williamson claims she, her 17-month-old son, Riley, and her now estranged husband were on a Virgin flight from Fiji to Sydney, when the flight attendant picked up Riley, placed him in the locker and closed the latch. Virgin has admitted an incident did take place, but claims Ms Williamson’s husband was playing a peek-a-boo game with Riley involving the overhead compartment when the flight attendant joined in. “We conducted a thorough investigation of the incident and the staff member involved was subsequently terminated.” The airline offered Ms Williamson three free flights, but the mother has said she is too shaken by the mid-air experience to redeem them.  More…

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  1. Well she may have been crying for days on end (the burden of proof lying on her) then turned off the crocodile tears and took the time to make sure she got something from the airline in return. Any wonder she and her husband were estranged? I’ll bet those free tickets turned off those waterworks quicker than anything. As for the child suffering from anxiety? Once again the burden of proof lies on the mother who I’m sure is stretching the truth to her own benefit.

    Such incidents literally set precedents for people to create a storm in a teacup over the most trivial matters and these people know that, hence they will exploit the situation to their benefit.