Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Woman bound in closet found dead

Utah - A woman who investigators believe was bound in a crucifix formation inside a small closet was found dead. Three people, including the woman’s primary caregiver and her former primary caregivers, were arrested for investigation of murder and abuse. Christina Harms, 22, was found dead. Initially, emergency crews were called to the house on a possible overdose. But as police and medical personnel looked at the victim, they immediately noticed ligature marks on her ankles consistent with plastic zip ties. They also found bruising on her thigh and head, a pepper seed in one of her eye lids, and her hands were completely covered with bandaging material which would have prevented her from getting the pepper seed out. Cassandra Shepard (Picture), 27, was arrested for investigation of domestic violence murder and obstruction of justice. Shepard was Harms’ legally documented guardian.  More…

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