Monday, February 14, 2011

Man wears seat belt belt to get around law

 Kansas - A homemade seat belt doesn’t qualify as a seat belt under law. That’s what a Wichita municipal judge told Paul Weigand. Weigand went to trial to try and fight a ticket he received for violating the state’s primary seat belt law. He says the law doesn’t specifically say the seat belt has to be attached to the vehicle, so his seat belt belt should be enough. The atmosphere is court was jovial. The judge, prosecutor and police officers had a little fun with what Weigand was trying to prove.  The prosecutor went on to say that Weigand was right, the law didn’t specifically state the seat belt had to be attached. But she says the intent of the law is to protect drivers. The judge says Weigand’s 15 minutes of fame from this case will cost him $2 a minute. The ticket fine was $30 plus another $96 in court costs.  More…

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  1. He makes a point, but that point won't do him any good in the event of an accident.