Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby delivered at DUI checkpoint

Plainville, Connecticut - Plainville police had an unusual situation at their DUI checkpoint when a woman went into labor. Officers were conducting a DUI checkpoint on Route 177 that required every car stop at the checkpoint and be briefly interviewed. However, as Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Hairston approached the checkpoint police were told that Mrs. Hairston was in labor, and she believed she was about to deliver. An ambulance was requested, but police were told that the response time was at least ten minutes out. Police entered the car and found that birth was literally minutes away. Two other officers prepared medical equipment, handing it into the vehicle, as the officers inside prepared to deliver the baby on scene. At exactly 1:00am, Christian Hairston, 5lbs 7oz, and 18 inches long entered the world.  More 

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