Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mom Sentenced to Life, Put Baby in Microwave

china-arnoldOhio - After deliberating for six hours over the course of two days, an Ohio jury recommended life in prison without parole for a mother convicted of killing her month-old baby in a microwave. The jury, which had found her guilty of aggravated murder a week earlier, spared 31-year-old China Arnold from the death penalty in her third trial for daughter Paris Talley’s 2005 death. In an effort to avoid a death sentence, the defense told the jury that Arnold was very drunk at the time of the killing and that she had no prior criminal history. Arnold was accused of putting her baby in a microwave and turning it on after a fight with her boyfriend in August 2005. Medical experts testified at the trial that the girl was likely in the microwave for more than two minutes. “She was cooked,” one former medical examiner testified.  More

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  1. Truly, thee excuse of anything holds no weight, to do such an horrifying crime, even with a gun to the head, and being threatened, there is some deep mental issue"s here, and deserves some serious mental investigating, you have to have a true loss of reality, to do wat she did