Thursday, June 2, 2011

Americans Are Too Fat To Drive Small Cars

fatAthens, Georgia - Karen Steelman, a stay-at-home mom from Athens, Ga., has tried to like small cars. She read plenty of reviews, kicked their tires, and has even taken a few test drives. But none of them make her feel safe. And none of them make her feel comfortable. Steelman has a body mass index of about 37 - seven points above the obesity mark. She’s among a growing number of Americans who feel they are too big to comfortably drive a small car. “I want to be environmentally friendly, but unless I am in an SUV these days I find no pleasure or comfort in driving,” she says. Automakers have long tried to figure out how to get Americans to buy smaller cars. But with obesity rates climbing, at least one analyst says there’s little point in trying.  More

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