Thursday, June 9, 2011

Asphalt helpers paid more than paramedics

asphaltChicago, Illinois - The office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced today that it is publicly displaying the salaries for every employee of the City of Chicago. Emanuel and his $216,000 salary are on the list. So are transportation department “asphalt helpers” paid more than $73,000. That’s a heftier salary than some fire department paramedics who are paid $64,000. City salaries have long been public information but typically organizations have to request to see them. Emanuel said putting the information on the Web is part of his promise of “open, accountable and transparent government.” The salary list includes $81,000 for a “water rate taker” in the water department, $96,000 for a civil engineer, nearly $68,000 for a police officer and $70,000 for a truck driver.  More

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