Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Teen violence linked to heavy soda diet

USA – Researchers in the United States said they had found a shocking association — if only a statistical one — between violence by teenagers and the amount of soda they drank. High-school students in inner-city Boston who consumed more than five cans of non-diet, fizzy soft drinks every week were between nine and 15-percent likelier to engage in an aggressive act compared with counterparts who drank less. “What we found was that there was a strong relationship between how many soft drinks that these inner-city kids consumed and how violent they were, not only in violence against peers but also violence in dating relationships, against siblings,” said David Hemenway, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health.  more  

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  1. The study is very informative but I believe that if a teen knows how to control their actions then they will not engage in violence. It is a matter of discipline and self respect. But to be sure I will encourage my teens to drink less soda.