Friday, October 28, 2011

Why Apple’s Steve Jobs’ Car Never Had a License Plate

California – How did Jobs get away with not having a license plate on his car? According to a former employee named Jon Callas who is now the chief technology officer at Entrust, Jobs realized that California law gave the owners of new cars six months to obtain a license plate. Armed with that knowledge, Jobs made a deal with his leasing company to get a new silver Mercedes SL55 AMG every six months, making sure that it was always legal for him to have an unmarked car. “It’s a little game I play,” Jobs said to remain anonymous. Biographer Isaacson pointed out to Jobs before his death, driving an unlicensed car is much more conspicuous than just putting a dang license plate on his car like everyone else. In response, Steve Jobs just shrugged. Think Different.  More

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