Friday, August 26, 2011

Big jewelry heist is a bust for clown robbers

Denver, Colorado - The two robbers, who were both dressed in bizarre costumes and wearing white face paint, pointed guns at employees and customers while they cleared the cases of jewelry. “They came in with their guns drawn,” says store owner Mark Allen. The pair then put a gun Allen’s head and forced him to unlock the jewelry cases. “They did a lot of threatening,” he says, telling him that if he didn’t open the display cases within seconds they would shoot him in the head. Allen says he told them they could have whatever they wanted. Sonny’s Rocks Jewelry Store, like most jewelry stores, no longer displays real jewelry, a change the store made when the price of precious metals and gems started going up a few years ago.  They didn’t get any real diamonds. Instead, they made off with garbage bags of fake gold, platinum and cubic zirconium. “It’s not real,” Allen says. “It’s totally worthless.”  More 

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