Thursday, August 11, 2011

Disabled woman attacked while loading groceries in car

Columbia, South Carolina - Lexington County deputies have made an arrest after a woman was attacked by someone who helped her load groceries into her car. Whitney Deandra Wilson, 21, (Pictured) is charged with robbery and assault in connection with the attack, which Sheriff James Metts said happened around 3:30pm at the Food Lion. Metts said Linda Sarvis Canady, 64, of Columbia, was bagging her groceries to take them to her car when Wilson offered to help load the groceries into Canady’s car. Canady said she was grateful when Wilson came over to help, because she’s disabled and has difficulty reaching some items. Wilson then hit Canady in the forehead with a can she had taken from the grocery bags. “It was so fast, I’m telling you,” said Canady. “Right in the middle of my head. My body was saturated with blood.”  More

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