Sunday, August 28, 2011

Government: Woman will not have to show her vagina

Montreal, Canada - After numerous frustrating phone calls with bureaucrats, Sunshine Rose will exist in the eyes of the Quebec government and her mother will not have to show her vagina to anyone to prove the 5-month-old infant is hers. Heather Mattingsly, who gave birth in March, has spent her time since trying to convince the Directeur de l’├ętat civil that even though she engaged the help of an unlicensed midwife to give birth at home, the baby is indeed hers. Days after the birth and as required, she provided the government agency in charge of issuing birth certificates with an ultrasound, a doctor’s letter and an attestation of birth, but none of that was good enough. This week, the agency said she’d have to get a vaginal examination – a procedure that doctors and midwives alike agreed would prove absolutely nothing. After many calls from the media, the agency’s director called Mattingsly and said after reviewing her file personally, he decided she didn’t need to go for the examination.  More  

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