Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Odd News-I can hear my eyeballs moving

stephen-mabbuttNews of the World: UK - Doctors diagnosed a rare ear condition in which sounds inside the body are heard very loudly. Stephen Mabbutt, 57, could also hear his heart beating - and when he chewed food the noise was deafening to him. The dad of two was experiencing autophony - one of the symptoms of superior canal dehiscence syndrome. The bizarre illness was unknown until ten years ago. At first he noticed the internal sound of his own voice was beginning to drown out everything else around him. Stephen said: “I was sitting quietly alone in the house one evening and I suddenly heard this quite loud scratchy noise, like sandpaper being rubbed on wood. “I was quite alarmed and looked around, wondering what it was. Then I noticed the noise came every time I moved my eyes.”  More

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